Technology and Nonprofits: How the World of Fundraising is Changing

At their core, every nonprofit needs revenue generation, profitability and organizational awareness.

And as the world around us rapidly becomes more digitized, nonprofits must embrace technology to streamline business operations, increase member donations and improve fundraising efforts if they hope to make it in the long run.

The challenge, then, is how to do so with tight budgets and limited bandwidth. Change is difficult for any business, and in order to stay afloat, learning to adapt is vital. Many nonprofits have recognized this, and are now pushing for organizational change. Here are some of the leading ways nonprofits are using technology to their advantage.

Convenient Payment Options

Recognizing that many donors want the convenience of being able give online versus mailing a check, an overwhelming majority of nonprofits now accept online donations through their websites, most of which are mobile compatible. In the same vein, younger generations prefer to shop for goods and services through their mobile devices. PayPal, Apple Pay and Facebook make it quick and easy for nonprofits to accept donations through popular apps that donors are already using.  What’s more, mobile credit card payment readers are available through payment processors like Paypal and Stripe, which is convenient for accepting donations at events.

Marketing More Effectively

Digital marketing for nonprofits is essential for community awareness. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram make it easier to stay in front of charitable donors in a much more cost-effective manner. Consistent email marketing keeps your nonprofit front-of-mind without the costs associated with traditional snail mail.

Using the Cloud

Cloud-based applications are streamlining operations and cutting costs in the process. Everything from accounting and project management to marketing and CRM maintenance can now be done from the convenience of the Internet. With costs, on average, that are cheaper than standalone applications, it makes financial sense. Couple this with the fact that many cloud-based applications can be linked together for a more holistic and synergistic approach to management, and it’s a win-win all around!

What Does the Future Hold in Store for Nonprofits?

Technology is changing the way nonprofits operate, from increasing donor bases to recruiting volunteers. And while it is changing at a dizzying rate, it’s important to embrace the power of technology if you want your nonprofit to survive and thrive.

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