Five Benefits Effective Onboarding Will Bring to Your Business

Onboarding is the process of introducing a new employee to your organization, familiarizing them with your services, and making them feel comfortable at work. A strong onboarding process can help your company attract and retain top talent, foster balance and confidence, and encourage open communication.

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Engaging Employees

Onboarding provides a unique opportunity to showcase the community your company enjoys, building a foundation of engagement from the beginning.

In a recent study of engaged employees:

  • 50 percent of those employees posted messages, pictures, and videos about their employer on social media.
  • 33 percent shared unsolicited praise or positive commentary.
  • 24 percent were more likely to help boost sales than their counterparts.

Building Balance and Confidence

Perhaps the most important part of doing any job successfully is knowing your place within the company. Yet only 82 percent of employees feel their manager has clearly outlined their role and responsibilities.

Fortunately, you can improve this statistic while onboarding employees, giving new hires the balance, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in the workplace.

Forging Essential Connections

Research indicates that productive and engaged employees often have strong connections with their co-workers and supervisors. During the onboarding process, a mentorship program can make it easier to foster these connections. Mentors can serve as important, long-lasting resources for new hires.

Attracting and Retaining Exceptional Talent

According to experts, the coming years will bring intense competition in the search for impressive talent. While you can offer incentives like vacation time, tuition reimbursement and affordable health care, employees often consider community before financial perks.

Factors like strong communication, a plethora of networking opportunities and frequent gratitude in the workplace are less tangible, yet far more important benefits to offer – and they all begin during onboarding.

Encouraging Communication

A whopping 81 percent of employees would rather join a company that values open communication than one that offers top-notch healthcare, free food, and gym memberships. For these employees, a 15-minute weekly check-in is more important than a top benefits package.

Providing a regular and reliable method of communication ensures supervisors are available to answer questions when employees need it most. During onboarding, you’ll have an appropriate opportunity to begin these conversations.

There are few, if any, drawbacks to creating a strong, mutually beneficial onboarding program. Your employees will be grateful – and so will your bottom line.

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