Onboarding Secrets Every Hiring Manager Should Know

Onboarding Secrets Every Hiring Manager Should Know

Investing in a formalized employee onboarding program is critical for new hire success for a variety of reasons. Effective onboarding is the key to getting your new hires contributing right away and retaining them for years to come. Here are some onboarding secrets that every hiring manager should know and how to implement them.

  1. Successful talent acquisition should extend beyond the candidate selection process. Recruiting the best IT Project Managers on the market is an important step, but you really need to see the process all the way through by onboarding. Hiring managers should create a detailed orientation plan that ensures regular constructive feedback and consistent support.
  2. Onboarding should begin prior to arrival. It’s possible for employees to be productive as soon as their first day on the job if their working environment is prepared in advance. From configuring computers to notifying support departments, an effective onboarding program is organized, concise and proactive.
  3. Promoting a sense of belonging is essential. New employees tend to decide within the first 90 days on the job whether they can see themselves working long term for an organization. Providing them access to an onboarding partner, a social network, and the tools and information they need to meet their goals will help them feel like they belong.
  4. Onboarding is not a single event. Make the first day special for new hires, but don’t stop there. Set additional milestones throughout the rest of the year to facilitate experiences.
  5. Onboarding journeys need a roadmap. Use job specific checklists to help employees understand their roles and responsibilities. It should include resources to improve communication and expedite the learning curve.
  6. Focus on making positive first impressions. New hires want to see that you are excited to have them on your team. It takes a minimal investment to check-in and make sure they feel seen and heard.
  7. Vacant roles impact more than productivity. Since 25% of new hires resign within the first six months, unfilled roles not only take a toll on productivity, they also negatively impact the morale of fellow colleagues that are pressured to pick up the slack.

Improve retention and engagement of new hires with an effective onboarding program. Onboarding is a process of integration that carries the momentum forward from the final interview through the first year of employment. Help new employees understand your firm’s culture and ensuring they find early success on their first assignments. Employees should be encouraged to connect with new colleagues and be productive from day one.


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