Help Your Team Set and Meet Goals

Help Your Team Set and Meet Goals

As a project manager, one of the most important things you can do for you team is help them set goals and provide them with the support they need to meet them. By helping your employees improve and adopt healthier work habits, you can ensure your team improves its performance over time. Here are some tips to help your team set and meet goals.

Help Your Team Choose the Right Goal

The first step is to help your team members identify what goals will benefit them the most. Not all goals are equally impactful. It’s possible to set a challenging goal, put in the hard work, and accomplish the goal you set only to find your achievement didn’t progress your career the way you expected it to. Leaders can help their teams by helping them to recognize skill gaps they have and educating them about organizational objectives and priorities. Your team will set more consequential goals if they fully understand what is important to the company.

Take Small Steps

One of the reasons people fail to achieve goals they set is because they lose faith in their ability to achieve their goals early on and give up. The reality is people often set themselves up to fail by being too ambitious. You can help your team meet their goals by encouraging to break down their objectives into a series of smaller, easily attainable goals. Your team members will be less likely to experience disappointment early in the process and gradually gain the confidence and momentum they need to achieve their larger goals.

Create a Plan of Action

Most professionals will fail to meet a goal if they don’t have a concrete plan outlining how they will meet their objectives. As a leader, you can help your team by brainstorming specific actions they can take to progress toward their goals and establishing criteria to measure their progress. If goals aren’t measurable, they are much harder to achieve because individuals aren’t able to tell if they’re moving in the right direction. An effective action plan may also include rewards to mark major milestones and identify tools, training programs, and other resources that can help individuals meet their goals.

Goal setting isn’t an easy process. Goals need to be specific and meaningful, while also being measurable and relevant to industry and organizational goals. Leaders and project managers can facilitate successful team goal setting by encouraging them to pick goals that align with company priorities, breaking goals into smaller milestones, and creating a concrete action plan.


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