IT Project Manager

How to Know if Your Company Needs an IT Project Manager Now

Is an IT project manager position missing in your line and staff organizational structure?

If you feel there’s too much to do and too little of you to do it, it may be time to delegate roles and responsibilities. Assign them to the expert who can organize technology processes, motivate teams, work within a budget, and meet deadlines.

It’s time to hire an IT Project Manager who can manage your IT projects and keep your business running.

Project and program management require creative thinking and quick problem-solving. The best Project Managers demonstrate superb organizational skills, and they are excellent communicators who can talk to stakeholders at every stage in the process.

What you can expect from your IT project manager

Vital to the company’s success, the person leading your IT initiatives will see that the technology department runs seamlessly in its support of the other departments. Armed with the strategic planning skills of a five-star general, the IT Project Manager plans and coordinates the steps necessary to execute your business initiatives.

For example, imagine that you’re thinking about deploying a safety app on mobile devices to employees in the field. Your Project Manager will:

  • research best practices,
  • evaluate compatibility, recommend hardware and software,
  • prepare and issue devices,
  • provide training, and
  • maintain the equipment.

What if you’re moving your file storage to the cloud? Again, the IT Project Manager will take on the project, bringing it to fruition by your deadline. When you’re ready to scan the first files into the system, the software will have been installed, beta-tested, and be on a maintenance schedule. Your employees will know how to use the products, and you’ll be on or under budget.

Best of all, TaaS (Technology as a Service) will continue without interruption.

How you’ll know you’ve hired the right person

Managing complex projects, especially in technology, can be challenging for everyone. As the company leader, you must ensure that tasks are completed on time and within budget. You will know if you hired the right person if:

  • this person finds excitement in your most challenging projects.
  • your new hire demonstrates confidence in managing and completing the project.
  • their stress doesn’t become everyone else’s distress.
  • team members understand the goals and the process used to meet them.
  • no one feels like they’ve been left in the dark.
  • you collaborated with a recruiter experienced in discovering your IT project management top talent.

Project managers in IT are uniquely positioned to make an impact on productivity and growth. Because of their problem-solving capabilities and experience working with every department, the best of the best IT Project Managers may find themselves being considered for CIO.

Now that’s a smart hire!

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