Work-Life Balance, Management, Productivity

How Managers Balance Work and Family

Employees are always going to have essential commitments outside of work. If you want to boost productivity and employee engagement, managers must set an excellent example regarding work-life balance. It can also be the key to recruiting better candidates because 72% consider work-life balance before accepting a job offer. Creating… Read more


Why Workplace Feedback is Invaluable

There have been countless studies on the significance of feedback in the workplace. Feedback on customer service, feedback on products, and feedback on staff are all critical ways of measuring how your company is doing. Many people view feedback as something like annual reports, disciplinary meetings, and other internal findings.  … Read more

Top Talent Management Best Practices You Can’t Ignore

Keeping employees satisfied and engaged at work is getting more challenging for businesses. There is a new generation of employees and they think differently. Fortunately, it gets easier when you know the right talent management strategies. It starts with recruiting the best candidates, and then you can focus on making… Read more

How Data-Driven Project Management Can Mean Better Outcomes

Businesses will never realize their full potential until they are making good decisions quickly. Rational and informed decision-making can transform good companies into great organizations. One of the biggest challenges that project managers face is delivering projects on time and under budget. Instead of relying on gut feelings to make… Read more

How to Grow Your Career this Year

No one wants to remain stagnant on the job. Project managers are an incredibly ambitious group. While people see employment as a means to get paid, for many project managers, growth is essential. Career development is what differentiates you from the typical project manager. With employers on the lookout for… Read more

Why Project Managers Need to Know About Mentoring

Project management in the IT industry goes beyond overseeing projects, collaborating with others, and setting targets and deadlines. It often requires you to employ strategies to mitigate risks, solve problems, handle difficult subordinates, and apply management techniques. Without the proper support, succeeding at all these tasks at once seems unlikely.… Read more

Set Boundaries to Improve Work-Life Balance

Work can be difficult to manage with your personal life at the same time. For some, it may feel like they never clock out. This internal struggle with managing your time can lead to long-term consequences. If you are finding it difficult to balance both work and personal life, then… Read more

How to Network While Working Remotely

Experts suggest that there is a definitive correlation between building a strong professional network and career success. Self-promotion is still important even during a pandemic. Although your opportunities may be limited now regarding traditional networking events, you can still interact remotely to gain everything from valuable industry insight and social… Read more

Retaining Top Employees During Changing Times

Top employees are up to eight times more productive than average workers. Although you might be receiving plenty of resumes due to the ever-increasing candidate pool in engineering and management, finding strong performers can still be a challenge. So, retaining the top performers that you already have always has to… Read more