Management, Resignation

Why Top Managers Choose to Leave

From stingy pay to toxic work cultures, various things can cause top managers to leave companies. Senior project managers are trained to finish projects that they start. Still, if the projects don’t align with their long-term career path anymore, they typically start looking for new opportunities. Here are some of… Read more

PMO Partners Celebrates Seven Years of Professional Project Management Recruitment and Consulting Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 7, 2021 PMO Partners Celebrates Seven Years of Professional Project Management Recruitment and Consulting Services Groton, MA – PMO Partners, a member of the Sanford Rose Associates network of offices is celebrating its seven-year anniversary. Founded in Groton, Massachusetts, by Brian Abrams, PMO Partners is a… Read more

IT salaries

Digitization Boosts IT Salaries Even Higher

Since many brick-and-mortar stores had to close their doors during the pandemic, e-commerce sales are steadily increasing around the country. Organizations continue to undergo digital transformations to meet the shopping needs of more consumers online, so the demand is rising for IT professionals. This also means good news regarding salaries… Read more

Work-Life Balance, Management, Productivity

How Managers Balance Work and Family

Employees are always going to have essential commitments outside of work. If you want to boost productivity and employee engagement, managers must set an excellent example regarding work-life balance. It can also be the key to recruiting better candidates because 72% consider work-life balance before accepting a job offer. Creating… Read more


Why Workplace Feedback is Invaluable

There have been countless studies on the significance of feedback in the workplace. Feedback on customer service, feedback on products, and feedback on staff are all critical ways of measuring how your company is doing. Many people view feedback as something like annual reports, disciplinary meetings, and other internal findings.  … Read more

Top Talent Management Best Practices You Can’t Ignore

Keeping employees satisfied and engaged at work is getting more challenging for businesses. There is a new generation of employees and they think differently. Fortunately, it gets easier when you know the right talent management strategies. It starts with recruiting the best candidates, and then you can focus on making… Read more