Top Reasons to Depend on a Professional Project Management Recruitment Firm

Chances are you’re already all too familiar with how difficult it is to find talented, skilled team members within the IT project management space. Maybe you’re flooded with resumes and candidates that appear qualified on the surface, but the onboarding process shows you a completely different picture. Staffing and recruitment… Read more

Speaker Spotlight: Belinda Goodrich

About the Author: A proven and experienced business executive, Belinda Goodrich’s career spans more than 20 years of senior leadership experience. A results-driven change management expert, her project portfolio includes international, multi-million-dollar projects spanning the financial, government, engineering, healthcare, and IT industries. Belinda’s new book comes out in May 2019: “Get… Read more

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Team-Building Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Project

As a project manager, you excel at planning, but when you’re busy and eager to get started on a project, it’s common to skip the most basic step by “planning to plan.” But it’s essential to project success. It sets expectations and ensures you are on the right track with… Read more

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Are You a Networker or a Cold-Caller on the Job Hunt?

Building a network you stay in touch with regularly can help you learn new skills and career perspectives, while also being top-of-mind when new opportunities arise. How can you grow your network and engage with your professional contacts on an ongoing basis, rather than just reaching out to learn about… Read more

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Four Steps for Effective Project Risk Management

Cost overruns, missed deadlines, resource shortages – these are the things that keep project managers up at night. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are prepared for common project risks, you can rest a little easier. Consider taking these four steps to mitigate the inevitable risks… Read more

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Don’t Get Fooled Again: How to Find the Right Project Management Professionals

Interviews are staples of hiring, but they can be a minefield. There are project management professionals with immense potential who don’t interview well and duds who can talk a good game. Here’s what to look for to identify project management candidates with the right skills who will bring a balance… Read more

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Speaker Spotlight: Ruth Pearce

About the Author: Ruth Pearce is a practicing project manager, author, speaker and coach who specializes in bringing the well-researched evidence-based practice of character strengths to project management teams. Learn more about Ruth’s philosophy with her book Be a Project Motivator: Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-Based Project Management, available on… Read more

How Does Your Team Deal with Project Resource Constraints?

Resource restraints can quickly derail projects. How can your team effectively deal with them? These bottlenecks can include shortages of staff, equipment and other resources required to effectively complete a project, causing missed deadlines and increased costs. How can the Theory of Constraints help IT project managers address these issues?… Read more

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Why Data Visualization Tools Are Crucial to Your Enterprise

Many progressive businesses and organizations are actively using data visualization tools over traditional methods to reap multiple benefits in terms of cost, time and effort. Data visualization tools can help cut to the chase and reduce time spent in various stages of your project. On the flip side, organizations that… Read more

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The Art of Pivoting: Highlighting Your Project Management Skills While Switching Industries

While many skills learned within project management are transferrable across industries, it can be challenging to make a broad career jump. First-hand project management experience makes your shift into leadership roles within new industries far less of a struggle than you’d anticipate. Whatever your reasons for changing industries, you can… Read more